Time Series Forecasting and Hidden Trend Analysis


The medium being the message is no better truer in data analytics than when Marshall McLuhan coined the term. Which of these data visuals shows a discernible trend? HINT: The sources are the same

The four images are representations of the same dataset, and yet trend analysis takes on a very different take depending on which view you provide to an audience. On the two topmost graph displays the data is presented with a quarterly view vs an annualized view and we can see cyclical trends featuring in the first over the second. How could this be beneficial and what could have been missed if that view wasn’t presented? The latter two view show time series forecasting or future modelling given the data we have been provided. An additional informative asset is using trend lines to show estimated and actual trends as they pass into future models. Really interesting visuals when armed with enough data, and a reliable asset to make data informed decisions for the future. 


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